Welcome to the website of Poultry 2XL, formerly Marans 2XL. We feel that the name change was necessary due to the addition of Ameraucanas and Speckled Sussex to our program.

We are a family owned and operated farm located in Arp, Texas which is between Tyler and Henderson, Texas on State Highway 64. We are often asked how we can call ourselves 2XL since our farm only consists of twenty acres. 2XL is more than our name, it is our goal. We believe that by using a gene pool of proven genetics and selective breeding practices we can produce livestock and poultry “to excel”.

We started forty years ago with Brahman cattle. We were successful in producing Brahman cattle that excelled in the show ring and the pasture. We were actively involved in breeding and showing both Red and Gray Brahman cattle. We dispersed our Brahman herds in 1998, but still keep up with all of our Brahman friends. We still own semen on some outstanding bulls and get the itch to get back into breed from time to time.

In 1996, we added Boer goats to the farm. We used the same breeding practices with goats that we had used in cattle. We had always used the best breeding stock that we could acquire. With a sound gene pool and selective breeding, we were successful in producing outstanding Boer goats. Our greatest achievement in the Boer industry came in 2006 when we partnered on an embryo flush with our friend, Rena Lynch. That flush produced a set of doe kids that stood first and second in the yearling class at the 2007 U.S. Nationals. The doe that stood first in that class came back to be named Reserve Champion Yearling Doe. We still breed Boer goats and produce outstanding show wethers. It was through sound genetics and selective breeding that we are able to produce goats “to excel”.

In 2009, we added French Marans chickens to our farm. Until that time, there were no chickens on our farm. We had incubators that had been in storage for years, but had no plans for using them. We agreed to hatch a set of chicks for our wonderful friend from the Boer goat world, Jackie Edwards. She had a beautiful set of Black Copper Marans and wanted eggs hatched from them. After seeing the eggs and hatching the chicks, we knew that we were hooked on this wonderful breed. We got a couple of sets of eggs from Jackie and it has been a growing breeding program since that time.

We used the chicks produced from those eggs to start our Black Copper Marans breeding program. We studied the Standards and used them in selecting our breeding stock. We used the same selective breeding practices that we had always used in the cattle and goats. We do not claim to have anyone else’s “line” of Marans because we have used a combination of the best genetics that we could acquire to build our breeding program. We have used birds from the top breeders in the nation, but have not kept them pure to “lines” because we found strengths and weaknesses in all of them. When setting up mating pens every year, we look for the best females that we have to breed to the best males that we have. It is through this strategy that we have been able to produce French Marans “to excel”.

Late in 2010, the competitive side of us started to rear its head. We found that there was going to be a poultry show in College Station, Texas in January of 2011. Because we knew nothing about showing poultry, we entered and went with the attitude “when in doubt, take them and let the judge sort them out”. We had a very successful show in College Station. We saw more varieties of French Marans and decided that we would add some of them to our program. We now have Black Copper, Blue Copper, Splash, White, Wheaten, and Blue Wheaten Marans in our breeding program and show string.

In 2013, we started wanting to add a couple of different breeds to our program. Not knowing for sure which breed(s) we wanted to work with, we started stalking several different breeds at the shows we attended. Finally in 2014, the decision was made. We would start searching for Ameraucanas and Speckled Sussex. Since starting the search, we have acquired Black, Blue, Splash, and White Ameracuanas from some of the nation’s top breeders. We have also been blessed with an outstanding set of Speckled Sussex from one of the best lines in the nation. It is our goal to use the beautiful Ameraucanas and Speckled Sussex that we have acquired to produce Show Quality Poultry “to Excel”.

We feel that we have been blessed with our successes at all of the shows we have attended. We have won numerous classes, Best of Varieties, Reserve Best of Varieties, Best of Breeds, Reserve Best of Varieties, Best Continentals, Reserve Best Continentals, Best English, Reserve Best English, Best AOSP, and Reserve AOSP, Overall Championships, and Champion Large Fowl Displays. With every show we have the chance to make new friends and visit with old friends.

If you are ever at a Poultry Show, please look for us. We would love to meet you. Until we have the chance to meet face to face, feel free to email us or give us a call. If there is ever anything that we can do to assist you in anyway, please feel free to contact us.