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Black Copper was the first variety of Marans on our farm. A friend, Jackie Edwards, asked us to hatch a set of eggs for her to replace some of her aging hens. We agreed to pull the incubators out of storage and give it a try. We had never seen Marans eggs, but were told that the eggs were dark brown. Being reared on a family farms, we had all seen brown eggs before, or so we thought. When we first saw the eggs that were produced by Jackie’s Marans hens, we fell in love with them. After seeing the chicks, we knew that we wanted to own a set of these beautiful birds.

We asked Jackie about supplying us with eggs to hatch a set of chicks for ourselves. She sent us a set of eggs, and we hatched them. As the chicks grew, we started researching the breed more and more on the Internet. We were very interested in breeding the best Black Copper Marans that we could possibly breed, but needed to have an understanding of the breed and its Standard.

At that time, no variety of Marans was accepted by the American Poultry Association. We were studying Standards that were only proposed. We started selecting the pullets and cockerels that would represent us at upcoming shows using the Proposed Standards that were provided to us by the Marans Chicken Club U.S.A. We were and are members of the Marans Chicken Club U.S.A. and the American Poultry Association.  

Our first show was the Bluebonnet Classic in College Station, Texas. We had a great show, our chickens did well, we met wonderful people, and we learned from the judges and other breeders. After the Bluebonnet Classic we did the Fort Worth Livestock Show, Newnan, GA, The Big Bird Classic in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and the South Texas State Fair in Beaumont, Texas. 

Our show season now consists of The Red River Poultry Show in Decatur, TX., The State Fair of Texas, The Pelican State Poultry Show in Haynesville, LA., The North Oklahoma Poultry Show in Shawnee, OK., The Bluebonnet Classic in College Station, TX., The Fort Worth Livestock Show, The Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Show in Newnan, GA., Fancy Feathers Poultry Show in San Marcos, TX., and The South Texas State Fair in Beaumont, TX.