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Wheaten was the second variety of Marans to be recognized by the American Poultry Association. This is one of the last varieties that we added here at Marans 2XL. We had seen them at shows and admired them for their beauty and the eggs they produced.

In an attempt to add new genetics to our existing Black Copper breeding program, we ordered a set of Black Copper chicks from a fellow breeder who is known for breeding nice birds. Because he did not have enough Black Coppers chicks to fill our order, he finished the order with Wheaten chicks.

We raised these Wheaten chicks with the Black Coppers that he sent us. The more they grew, the more we liked them. We have added a few more Wheatens to our program. We have paid strict attention to the Standards and only bought birds from people who we know has quality Wheaten Marans. We have Wheatens from Peggy Taylor at Rocky Springs Farm in Huntington, Texas and April Howington from Burnette, Texas. We also have a trio of Wheatens that we bought from Lisa Cree of Cree Farms.

We are showing our Wheatens now and we are very pleased with the way they are placing. The pullets and cockerels that we are hauling are very young, but getting great comments from the judges as well as placing well in some tough classes. We plan to start hatching and shipping chicks out of this outstanding set of Wheaten Marans in the spring of 2013.