We feel blessed to have one of the best lines of White Marans in the country. We first saw White Marans at the show in Newnan, Georgia in February of 2011. We were there for the Black Copper Marans Qualifying Meet. We saw a couple of White Marans and became interested in working with this variety.

We started the search for a good line of White Marans to use as a foundation of our White Marans breeding program. It seemed that everything we could find whether hatching eggs or live birds had issues. Clean legs, blue legs, yellow legs, squirrel tails, or bad type, they all seemed to have more issues than we were interested in working with. We grew out and threw out lots of white chickens before finding what we were looking for.

The line that we have was made by crossing two different lines from two different outstanding breeders. We ordered a trio of started birds from each of these breeders. One is Jennifer Reed from New York, and the other is John Weygandt from Pennsylvania.

We got John’s birds first and fell in love with them. We contacted him about getting more of his birds, but he did not have any more White Marans for sale at that time. He is not a big breeder and does not want to be a big breeder. His chickens are for his personal pleasure. He enjoys breeding them and does a great job of successfully selecting birds to improve his program and maintain egg color. We started using the trio that we bought from John and hatching chicks as soon as we could because getting birds of this quality was next to impossible.

In our search for good White Marans, we had been given the name Jenifer Reed. She lives in New York, breeds good White Marans, and produces beautiful eggs. We contacted her and she told us that she had the same lines of White Marans as John. We purchased a trio of started White Marans from her. Once we saw this set of birds, we contacted Jenifer about buying another set or trio of birds. She had a waiting list, but said that she would place us on it. A few weeks later, Jennifer called us disgusted with issues that she was having getting her eggs to hatch. She offered to sell her breeding flock of White Marans to us, and we graciously accepted her offer. We bought nine more White Marans pullets/hens and two more cockerels from her.

From these two outstanding breeders, we have made what we think is one of the best White Marans breeding programs in the country. We do get an occasional chick with off colored legs, a side sprig on its comb, or an incorrect tail angle, but not often. This line of White Marans has been very successful in the breeding pens and on the show benches in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Not only have we been very successful showing this set of White Marans, but we have also been very successful in the Egg shows. We plan on showing our White Marans in Newnan, Georgia in the spring of 2013.